Covid 19 is due to 5G

Covid 19 is due to 5G

Italy carried out an autopsy on Corona's deaths, ignoring the World Health Organization's ban, and solved Corona's mystery.

Corona is not a virus, it is a toxin (bacteria) caused by 5G radiation.

People are dying from 5G radiation.

(Courtesy of the Italian Ministry of Health Press Release)

Italy has become the first country in the world to perform an autopsy on the corpse of Covid 19 and after extensive investigation has found that Covid 19 does not exist as a virus, but rather it is a major global scam. People are actually dying from "amplified global 5G electromagnetic radiation (poison)".

Radiation of 5G closes the blood vessels, blood accumulates in the veins and nerves and it causes death.

The Italian medical research team says: "Diffuse - intravascular cogo. There is nothing but thrombosis "and it is said that the only way to fight it is through medical treatment.

Antibiotics, anti-inflammatory and It is cured by taking anticoagulants. According to Italian medical scientists, there is no need for ventilators and intensive care units (ICUs).

China has already completed an investigation, but its report has not been released.

This radiation is harming people with very low immunity. Italian doctors did not follow WHO protocol and performed an autopsy on the bodies, according to Code 19. After opening and examining various parts of the body, arms, legs and other parts, the doctors found that the blood vessels had become clogged and the veins were filled with thrombi.

This usually prevented bleeding. And it also reduces the flow of oxygen in the body, which leads to the death of the patient. Aspirin 100mg and ampromacus started giving. Due to which the patients started recovering and their health started getting better. The Italian Ministry of Health discharged more than 14,000 patients in a single day and sent them home.

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