Google facebook twitter will leave Pakistan

Google facebook twitter will leave Pakistan

News circulating that the Big 3 (Google, Facebook, Twitter) have joined hands and now threatening Pakistan that they will stop their operational services in Pakistan. Let us first understand why this happened. Pakistan has asked these companies to review their censorship rules. This battle started after Pakistan asked these companies about what content will be published online. The issue arises after France's president disgraced Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W), and the Pakistani government has taken action. From a religious point of view, no one will like to see the disgrace of their prophet. All reliogions are respectable for everyone. Despite reviewing Muslim's concerns about their religion, these big three have banded together and started threatening Pakistan that they will stop operating their platforms in Pakistan.

Now, coming toward what circumstances Pakistan will face after this ban. Pakistan is the world's 2nd largest freelance market. After the ban, all the freelancers working there will lose their clients on these platforms. These freelancers generate significant revenue every year for the country, and Pakistan will lose that revenue. Then a substantial population in Pakistan uses Android phones. And as we all know android app store starts with google owned app "Gmail," and after the ban Google will freeze or delete all the Gmail accounts from Pakistan. In the owther words Pakistani users will no longer to create new account with google because they will remove Pakistan from their operating list And hence no one will be able to use the android play store. Google is a shareholder of 90% of the internet and rule over the internet world. with the new hype of digital business growth, a lot of businesses got registered on Google they all will be frozen or deleted.

Google is a big company, and it owns a lot of sub-companies that are google ads, Google My Business, Google Maps, Youtube, and a lot more. Many people are earning from youtube channels, play store apps like uber, cream, and bykea use google maps for their destination they'll flop in Pakistan. If Google bans Pakistan, it's for sure that Pakistan will face a significant loss in its economy.

Online Earning funnels will die

Google ADsense and Google ADs will no longer be operational in Pakistan. Pakistani Website owners who are ranked in Google, will lose their progress after this ban. Google will not show any results related to Pakistan or Pakistani websites. So you can imagine how google impacts in our lives. And when they leave us is like a man with no spirit. You can say that this is an other type of 3rd generation cyber War. These big Social Websites can create a big damage to any country's economy.

The same is the case with Facebook and Twitter

Although Facebook has 37,070,000 users Facebook in total, and Twitter has nearly 4 million users from Pakistan. Out of these millions of people, thousands are using Facebook and Twitter for earning purposes: marketing & advertising. They'll lose their jobs and their source of income. WhatsApp, Instagram is also under Facebook, so these apps will also get banned if these companies will leave Pakistan. And Pakistan, which is also under a massive loan from IMF and other countries. It will get hard for the government to generate revenue and pay the loan.

Loss for Google Facebook & Twitter

Now, let's talk about what loss this big three will face. Pakistan is a country that uses google, youtube, and other apps very frequently. So if they leave Pakistan, they'll face a loss that will be in the billions. There is always the 2nd option. If not google, then all the audience will move to Yandex or bing or any other search engines as there are many other options as well. And it might be possible that Turkey, Malaysia, and other Islamic countries will shake hands with Pakistan in this regard. Then the loss that these companies will face will go into trillions.

Well, keep your fingers cross and let's see what happens in the coming few weeks.

After Google restrictions in Pakistan. You can not Use these Google Products

Android Phones
Android Apps Play Store
Google Maps
Google My business
Google Trends
Google Ads
Google Adsense (Website monetization program)
Google Analytics , google search console and so on.

After Facebook restrictions in Pakistan.

You can not Use these Facebook Products in Pakistan. Facebook owns 25+ Social and digital connecting sites, They will no longer available in Pakistan Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus, Messenger, Facebook Ads, Onavo, liveRail, PrivateCore and so on.

After Twitter Restrictions,

Twitter and its subsidiaries will stop working.

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