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✅Make Sure Your Subscriber, Like, View Counter Is Not Hidden & Accounts Are Public Before You Order.

✅Please Do Not Order More Than 1 Order For The Same Link At The Same Time Until The First One Is Completed.

✅Make Sure Your Subscriber, Like, View Counter Is Not Hidden & Accounts Are Public Before You Place An Order.

✅We Can Not Cancel Or Edit Any Order After You Put It On The System Unless It Got Any Problem, So Please Make Sure To Do The Right Order.» If You Change You Account To Private Or Your Video/Post Got Deleted After You Put The Order We Will Mark The Order As Cancelled.

✅Please Do Not Order For Porn, Politics, Extremism And Any Content That Stirs Public Opinion Accounts.

✅If You Have Any Payment Issues Do Not Worry Just Message Us On WhatsApp Your Money Is 100% Safe With Us.

✅ When You Add Funds We Cant Refund Your Payment In You Bank In Any Case, You Will Just Be Able To Use Your Funds On worldofsmm.

✅ We Cant Cut Your Funds Without Your Concern. The Only Way To Cut Your Funds Is Doing Deductions From Payments. You Can Make Sure That Your Money Is Not Deducted By Visiting Payments Page.

✅We Will Suspend Your Account If You Try To Do Manipulation In Add Funds Or Threaten Us And Abuse Or Bad Behave With Support team.

✅ When You Make A New Order You Accept Our Rules Which We Mentioned in T&C.

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✅No Refill If You Change Username Or Make Account Private You Will Not Get Refills.

✅Refill Is Only For Order ID Not For Link. If Link Doesnt work . We cannot Refill.

Privacy Policy

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✅Partial orders will get No refill, because no smm panel is offering refill on partial orders.
Money you will add on highlinker.com will be use here on panel. We will not offer you any refund or money back, its a final decision.

✅No Refund If You Order One Order From Highlinker.com And Another Order From Other Panels For Same Link. We Never Ever Encourage Such Things. Do Not Expect Any Refunds For Such Cases. For Example You Telling Us The Followers Got On My Profile Was From Other Panel. In Those Cases We Do Not Refund. You Can Wait Until Its Canceled Or Completed.

✅If You Put Wrong or Non-Working Links. You Do Not Need To Worry About It. It Will Be Automatically Canceled And Refunded To Your Highlinker account.

✅ "Partial" Means the Amount Of the Remaining Quantity Is Refunded. For Example If You Ordered For 1000 And Showed 500 Partial Means 50% Payment Refunded.

✅"Canceled" Means Refunded. Once A Order Is Marked Canceled Means It Is Fully Refunded.

✅ If You Request Refund For Running Order. It Is Possible For Some Services But Not Possible for fast-working services.

✅If any order is marked as completed you should inform within 24 of time. Then only we can give refund or any solutions

✅Dont switch username and ask refills those tricks wont work here. We directly ban the accounts [SCAMMERS ONLY UNDERSTAND THIS]

This is platform which is having many service. System errors can occur. Deal it with that way.
Always read our terms and conditions

Regarding Live views

✅Always take screenshot of live for proof. Suppose you are ordering 30 mins live just take screenshot in given time period. So that we can get a better understanding .
Screenshot should include the time,username and count. Any fake documents will may lead to suspend your account directly 

YT watch hours

✅always provide a proper screenshots of video or channel analytics

✅Submitting fake documents will suspend your account directly 

✅Dont add your client payment here. You can recieve payment from your client and you can add here.if we notice such things we wil suspend